Pave G. Vegas

He’s still confused because he was raised by pigeons until he was seven years old.
After graduating from college, he wandered around the United States dreaming of a rapper. Call himself MC Hand Man Atom. Unfortunately, his dream never came true, but after a lot of hard work, he became independent as a dealer specializing in used bling. Currently, 70% of the blings in the United States are used blings that he sold. After returning to Japan, at the age of 28, he took the name of the second generation Doraemon without permission. The “jumping-only bamboo copter” invented after trial and error received enthusiastic support in a small part.
Currently, as an illustrator, he is attracting attention for his spectacular client work such as newspaper delivery, empty can collection, and clinical trials, and he is expected to be more active in the future.
Left throw Left hit Left footjob.

Terry Godrillhano

Height 2 meters, weight 120 kg, neck circumference 78 cm.
After graduating from university, he refused the invitation of a certain martial arts group and made a brilliant debut as a chick appraiser. His father is a vice deputy, and his mother is also a vice deputy. His grandfather is Sailor Moon. Great-grandfather is also Sailor Moon. In the indie movie “Daddy is a Juice Actor” that appeared at the age of 32, he played the role of a two-week-old baby with a stubble. Its acting ability shook the movie world. In “The Miracle of the Magic Mirror,” which appeared at the age of 42, he played the role of Toy Poodle owned by the hero’s mistress, and finally made Spielberg say “Who is that?” Currently, he is exploding on the elite highway as the best office worker in the northern hemisphere.
Right-handed right-handed right-handed job.

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